About the Lone Star Curling Club

The Lone Star Curling Club was founded in 2006 in Austin, Texas. We are committed to having a positive impact on the community by providing enjoyment and affordable curling for all ages and abilities, working to develop skills, building self-esteem, promoting sportsmanship, providing opportunity for competition, and establishing life-long friendships.

Board Members & Officers

President Caitlin Roetheli president@lonestarcurling.com
Vice President Kyle Anderman vicepresident@lonestarcurling.com
Treasurer Dawn Bria treasurer@lonestarcurling.com
Secretary Jay Putnam secretary@lonestarcurling.com
Bonspiel (non-board) Alyssa Roetheli bonspiel@lonestarcurling.com
Sponsorship (non-board) Brian Barker sponsors@lonestarcurling.com
Membership (non-board) Sam Schweiger membership@lonestarcurling.com
Competition (non-board) Joe Glaeser competition@lonestarcurling.com
Board Member Landon Russell
Board Member Ryan Maas
Board Member Adam Schroeder
Board Member Lindsey Schmidt
Board Member Darin Henley