The Lone Star Curling Club seeks broad-based community support to help grow the sport of Curling in the Austin area.  The most fundamental way to help that effort is to join our club as a member and get involved in all of the club’s activities! Members will help shape and develop the club’s policies, procedures and most importantly, its culture.

Our yearly membership runs from September 1st through August 31st. Memberships are pro-rated by month.

Two full membership models are offered:



Basic Membership - for curlers who only want to play in one league per week
  • you pay for the league when you sign up for it at $30 per game
  • capped at $900 - once the total of all the leagues you've played in reaches this amount, you're done paying
  • if you want to make things simpler and save $100, curlers have the option to pay $800 upfront for the entire year
*  Households with more than one curler are eligible for a 10% discount on membership and curling for each additional curler after the first; no addititional discounts apply
** Junior curlers receive a 25% discount on membership and curling; no additional discounts apply
*** Curlers who have curled since no earlier than November 1, 2022 are eligible for a 25% discount on the Basic Membership; no additional discounts apply

Full Membership

Junior (under 21)

FULL members have the following benefits:

  • Members do have access to liability insurance and medical accident coverage if they hurt themselves during an on-ice curling event
  • Members are given a Lone Star Curling Club name tag (if requested)
  • Members become basic members+ of the United States Curling Association since Lone Star Curling Club is a member club
  • Members are given full voting rights and are eligible to hold positions on the board
+Please visit the USA Curling website to view basic member benefits and additional membership levels. Individuals can pay the difference to upgrade to a higher level of membership.

Membership FAQs

Fee schedule

Prorated Fees

Membership Type Upfront Payment Pay-as-you-Go Cap Benefits (in addition to above)
  •  $1,500
  • Junior ($1,125)
  • Additional Household ($1,350)
  • $1,620
  • Junior ($1,215)
  • Additional Household ($1,458)
Unlimited leagues (subject to availability), free practice time, unlimited subbing
  •  $800
  • Junior ($600)
  • Additional Household Member ($720)
  • $900
  • Junior ($675)
  • Additional Household ($810)
One league at a time, free practice time, unlimited subbing
First-Year Curler Basic
  • $600
  • No additional discounts apply.
  • N/A
One league at a time, free practice time. Members who have curled no sooner than November 1, 2022 are eligible. Discount only available until October 31, 2023.
  •  $30/draw
  • Junior $22.50/draw
  • Additional Houshold Member $27/draw
  • N/A
Leagues on demand, free practice time for the duration of the league, unlimited subbing
  •  $75/six months
  • No discounts apply.
  • N/A
Free practice time, unlimited subbing, USA Curling basic membership
  • $20/two hours
  • N/A
Only applies to non-members and pay-as-you-go members not currently playing in a league

Annual memberships paid online are subject to a service fee, please add the fee to the total paid.  Memberships paid via check/cash/Zelle are not subject to these fees.  You can reduce membership fees paid online by any instructor credit you are due.

Offline payments are via check (in person or send to the address below) or via Zelle (send to

Lone Star Curling Club
9402 United Dr
Austin, TX 78758