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Come join us for a learn to curl during our April No Boys Allowed Club!

Open to girls, ladies, women, gender non-conforming, and non-binary folks. 

We’ll teach you the basic skills needed to curl, followed by playing a pick-up games for the remainder of the time during this 2-hour class. You’ll be taught by some of our awesome lady club members. And when we’re off the ice, we’ll enjoy snacks and refreshments with club members.

If you’ve been interested in our No Boys Allowed Club but haven’t taken a learn to curl yet, this is your opportunity!

Cost is $40/person. Groups of 4 or more receive $5 off each registration.

Below is some information on how to prepare:

Everyone should wear loose, comfortable, warm clothing – i.e., sweat pants, stretch pants, yoga pants, long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, winter or warm socks, etc. Hats and gloves are optional but they are always easier to remove than to be cold. Regular jeans are not ideal but if that’s all someone has, they will suffice. Stretchy jeans are better. The key here is loose fitting or stretchable clothing (easier to throw the stones) and warm layers. Many people will peel off an outer layer of clothing when they start sweeping vigorously.

Everyone should wear closed-toe athletic shoes with rubber soles, such as tennis shoes. No dress shoes, heels, sandals, boots, etc., as they can be dangerous on ice. We will supply grippers to put over everyone’s shoes to help grip the ice a little better. We will also supply all the other equipment needed to curl – brooms, sliders, stabilizers and of course, stones.

Sweeping can work up the heart rate. There are water fountains at the rink but if you want to bring something else – bottled water, Gatorade – by all means bring it but only water is allowed on the ice.

As safety is our primary concern, we want to make certain everyone on the ice is as safe as possible. To that end, I would recommend that if anyone feels unsure about their stability on the ice, they should wear a helmet. Bike helmets work great. We want to make sure they’re protected if they slip and fall. We’ve had a number of curlers who’ve worn helmets during these sessions. If you have anyone attending age 13 or younger, we strongly recommend they wear a helmet.

Also, if there are any curlers with back or knee problems that would prevent them from bending down to deliver the stone, we will have a stick available to use and can instruct them on how to use it.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask. We want to accommodate everyone to the best of our abilities.

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